Quantcast Collection, Baling, and Storage Rooms

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35,000 volts (V) shall be installed in a vault.
a)  Less flammable liquid-filled transformers installed outdoors
whose required spill containment is within 5 feet (1.5 m) of the building
shall adhere to the same requirements for ordinary oil-insulated transformers.
If they are isolated and present no exposure hazard to important structures,
they may be protected with fire hydrants.  For additional information, refer
to FM Loss Prevention Data Sheets.
Dry Type Transformers.  Dry type transformers shall be installed and
located in accordance with NFPA 70.
Trash Collection and Disposal Facilities
Central Trash Collection and Dumpsters.  Central trash collection
units and dumpsters shall be placed 15 feet (4.6 m) or more away from wood
frame or metal buildings or from openings in masonry-walled buildings.
Collection, Baling, and Storage Rooms.  Collection, baling, and
storage rooms shall consist of 2-hour fire resistive construction and shall be
protected by automatic sprinklers.
Trash Chutes.  Trash chutes in buildings shall be equipped with
automatic sprinklers.  In non-sprinklered buildings, trash chute sprinkler
systems may be connected to the domestic water system.


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