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Comply with NFPA 101 and the following:
Individual fire areas shall not exceed 50,000 square feet (4647
b)  Construction type shall not be less that Type II - Fire
Resistive, as defined in the UBC.
c)  Provide a minimum separation from other structures and public
ways of 20 feet (6 m).
d)  Provide complete automatic sprinkler protection.  Design should
utilize correctional (breakaway) type sprinkler heads.  Sprinkler piping in
inmate areas should be concealed.
Provide smoke detection in all areas.
f)  Provide an automatic smoke removal system in cell areas.  In
addition, provide manual system activation controls at a continuously manned
position outside of the cell area.
g)  Provide for constant visual supervision of cell areas.  If this
supervision is by direct line of sight, it must be separated by not less than
one-hour fire rated construction.
Waterfront brigs shall not exceed one story in height.
Locking Devices.  Provide mechanical or closed circuit electrical
gang release devices whenever 12 or more locks must be operated to release
prisoners confined in cells.  Require gang release devices to open doors
necessary to evacuate prisoners to an area of refuge.  Require heavy,
identically keyed, prison-type locks for exit and corridor doors not requiring
gang release devices which must be opened for evacuation in the event of fire.
Dormitory-style confinement facilities.
Hardware.  Hardware shall conform to Army Corps of Engineers Guide
Specification CEGS-08701, Hardware Prison Locking Devices.
Interior Finish.  Interior finish including padded cells shall be
Class A flame spread (i.e., 25 or less) and shall have a SD rating not
exceeding 50 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84.
Libraries.  Combustible shelving, stacks, cases, cabinets, fixtures,
furniture, and furnishings shall be eliminated to the maximum practical
extent.  Wall and ceiling finish materials shall be noncombustible.
a)  In buildings equipped with automatic sprinklers, libraries
shall be protected by automatic sprinklers.


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