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b)  In buildings not equipped with sprinkler protection, the
following protection features shall be provided for those libraries containing
materials which are rare, irreplaceable, or important to the activity mission:
(1)  Buildings of fire resistive or noncombustible construction
shall have smoke detection systems installed throughout the library area and
provide a fire cutoff having a fire resistance rating of at least one hour to
separate the library from other occupancies.
(2)  Buildings of combustible construction shall have complete
automatic sprinkler protection for the library area.  The library area shall
be separated from the remainder of the building by fire walls having a fire
resistance rating of at least 2 hours.
Child Development Facilities
Child Development Centers (CDCs).  CDCs shall conform to the
requirements of NFPA 101 for day care centers, except as modified herein.
Since DOD has adopted staffing levels less than those required by NFPA 101,
the following additional requirements shall apply to CDCs:
a)  CDCs shall not be located in basements or above the level of
exit discharge.
b)  An automatic sprinkler system shall be provided regardless of
construction type or building height.  The entire building shall be provided
with complete automatic sprinkler protection in mixed occupancies.  New CDCs
shall utilize quick response sprinklers.
c)  Provide a complete automatic smoke detection system in
accordance with NFPA 72.  In locations where smoke detectors generate false
alarms, heat detectors may be used.  Activation of a single smoke detector,
manual pull station, sprinkler water flow switch, or heat detector (if
applicable) shall cause activation of the fire alarm system.  Indication of
alarm shall be by audiovisual alarm indicating devices and automatic
transmission of alarm to the fire department.
Dead end corridors shall not be permitted.
e)  Provide at least one exit door discharging directly to the
outside from each activity room.  Provide low profile thresholds and ramps to
grade for all elevation changes.  Provide hardened surface leading a
sufficient distance away from the building.  Exit doors and path of travel
shall be sufficiently wide enough to permit rolling cribs and wheel chairs to
be taken directly to the outside of the building and away from any danger or
f)  Every exterior exit door shall be provided with panic hardware.
Pressure actuated panic bars are preferred to minimize the obstruction to the


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