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clear egress width.  For crib rooms, provide single-action hold-open devices
to prevent automatic closing of the door.
g)  Interior finish materials in exit corridors and rooms used by
children shall not be less than Class A and in other areas shall not be less
than Class B rated.
Locations.  CDCs shall not be located in a mixed occupancy with any
B-1, B-3, B-4, H, or M-1 occupancy as defined in the UBC.  In any permitted
mixed occupancy, CDCs shall be separated from other occupancies by a minimum
of one-hour fire rated construction.
Army CDCs, shall comply with NFPA 101 and the Army Corps of
Engineers Architectural and Engineering Instructions Design
Criteria, Appendix G.  This exception applies to criteria
listed in par. 4.7.1.
Other Child Development Facilities.  Other child development
facilities include part-day, preschool, kindergarten, before and after school
programs, etc.  These facilities shall comply with the provisions of
educational occupancies in NFPA 101, and do not have to comply with the day
care center provisions.
Electronic Equipment Installations.  These areas include major
automatic data processing (ADP) areas, communication centers, command and
control systems, and other mission critical systems.  Incidental electronic
equipment such as word processing stations, printers, and systems; desk top
computers; office automation systems; individual data output stations (e.g.,
printers, etc.); individual computer work stations; telephones; video
conference centers; administrative telephone rooms; reproduction equipment;
and similar equipment do not require protection under this section.
Requirements.  Electronic equipment installations shall be
constructed and protected in accordance with NFPA 75, except as modified
Automatic Sprinkler Protection.  Electronic equipment installations
shall be located in buildings protected by wet-pipe automatic sprinklers.
Provide complete coverage throughout the building including electronic
equipment areas.  Electrical equipment installations should be protected by
disconnecting the power upon activation of the fire protection system.  Where
deluge systems are used in electronic equipment installation locations, the
use of waterproof thermal heat detectors, light fixtures that are approved for
damp locations, and non-ventilated NEMA Type 4 enclosures for all other
exposed non-explosion proof equipment is required.
Data and Power Cabling.  Power cables installed in the ceiling
plenum or below the raised floor shall meet the requirements of NFPA 70,
except that use of nonmetallic conduit shall not be permitted.  Data and other


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