Quantcast Water Demands for Exposed Powder and Propellant Facilities

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preprimed deluge systems wherever exposed powder, explosives, or propellants
are processed or stored in ordnance production facilities.  Complete
protection of such locations is essential.  Refer to Table 5.1.2, in Section
c)  Provide ordinary deluge systems in other areas or auxiliary
sections of buildings in which processing of explosives of propellants takes
d) Provide deluge systems, wet-pipe systems, or pre-action systems
in other areas or auxiliary sections of buildings in which storage of
explosives or propellants takes place.
d)  Provide wet-pipe sprinkler systems in other areas or auxiliary
sections of buildings if separated by fire partitions.
e)  Wet-pipe or pre-action sprinkler systems where missile assembly
inspection or storage is carried on and where the propellant is confined
within the missile, or warheads are present.  Similar protection shall be
provided for torpedo and air underwater weapons shops.
f)  Heat detection equipment of any type is acceptable if equipment
meets the operating time limitations and is suitable in other respects, such
as complying with explosion-proof requirements.  When pneumatic-type detection
equipment is used, not more than three detectors, and preferably only one,
shall be on a single circuit.  The detectors shall be in the same heat
influence area.
g)  A system providing complete supervision of deluge and pre-
action systems shall be provided so that any deficiency that develops that
would affect the speed or reliability of operation will give a distinct alarm
separate from the water flow alarm.
h)  Water supplies for deluge systems shall be adequate to supply
the total demand of the largest fire area at the specific residual pressure
required by the system, plus an allowance for hose stream demand, for a period
of 45 minutes.  Water Demands for Exposed Powder and Propellant Facilities.  Water
demands for ordnance facilities that handle exposed powder and propellants
shall be 0.50 gpm/square feet, over the entire area for 90-120 minutes.  Water Demands for Stored Missile Assemblies and Other Ordnance
Facilities.  Water demand for stored missile assemblies and all other ordnance
facilities requiring sprinkler protection shall meet or exceed the design
requirements for extra hazard group 2 occupancies shown in table 5.1.2.
Magazines and Bunkers.
Magazines and bunkers shall be constructed


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