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Bin Storage.  Bin storage consists of five-sided, open from top or
side storage containers, stacked in rack structures.  They are commonly used
in automatic storage and retrieval systems.  Bin storage requires unique
considerations for fire protection.  Bin storage configurations do not limit
oxygen supply.  Horizontal flame spread can be rapid.  The narrower the aisles
and the higher the storage, the less ceiling sprinkler water penetration is
delivered to control the fire.  Requirements.  Protection of bin storage stacked in rack
configuration shall be in accordance with NFPA 231C.  Combustible bins in
racks present a greater fire hazard and require a 10 percent increase in
ceiling density or one additional level of in-rack sprinklers.  Bin storage
not stacked in a rack configuration shall be protected in accordance with NFPA
231.  Mini-storage and retrieval systems and carousel storage shall be
protected in accordance with FM Loss Prevention Data Sheet 8-33S, Protection
for Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems.
Column Protection.  Steel columns located within rack storage areas
(actually surrounded by racks) over 10,000 square feet (929.36 m2) shall be
protected by 2-hour fire rated construction or applied fireproofing or by
sidewall sprinklers at 15-foot (4.57 m) elevation intervals pointing directly
at the column.
Fire Area Limitation and Separation.  Warehouse fire areas shall not
exceed 60,000 square feet (5576.2 m2).  Warehouse fire areas may be increased
to 120,000 square feet (11152.41 m2) with the following provisions:
Ceiling sprinkler design area shall be increased by 10 percent.
b)  Looped mains with adequate sectional valves shall be provided
around the facility.
Fire Walls.  Fire walls separating warehouse and storage fire areas
shall be of 4-hour fire rated construction.  Other occupancies such as offices
and shops shall be separated from the warehouse and storage area by a minimum
of one-hour fire rated construction.  Openings in 4-Hour Rated Fire Walls.  Openings in 4-hour rated fire
walls shall be protected by Class A fire doors in accordance with NFPA 80, on
both sides of the wall.  Personnel doors may be protected by a single Class A
fire door.  Fire doors shall be labeled by a NRTL, refer to par. 2.5.2.  Conveyor and Mechanical Handling System Penetrations.  When
mechanical handling systems such as conveyors are required to penetrate fire
walls, and fire doors are not feasible, the opening shall be protected on both
sides of the wall by a deluge water spray tunnel system in accordance with FM
Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-23, Protection of Fire (Wall) Partition Openings
With Water Spray.  The deluge water spray tunnel system shall consist of a
separate water spray system for both sides of the opening, and a metal or


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