Quantcast Out-of-Airframe Acoustical Enclosures (Test Cells)

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Adjacent Areas.  Automatic wet pipe sprinkler systems shall be
provided in areas of the facility outside of the aircraft storage and service
Aircraft Acoustical Enclosures
Complete Enclosures (Hush-House).  Requirements shall be the same as
those listed in par. 4.16, with the following additions:
Overhead AFFF systems shall be designed for the entire floor
b)  Low-level (under-wing) systems shall be provided for uniform
coverage of the entire floor area.
c)  Overhead and low-level (under-wing) systems shall both be
automatically actuated by rate compensated heat detectors.  Switches for
interrupting the automatic features shall be provided in the control room.
Clearly visual indication shall be provided when the automatic features have
been interrupted.
d)  Separate manual controls for actuation of each AFFF system
shall be provided in the control room.
Air Force installations containing approved gaseous fire
extinguishing systems.
Out-of-Airframe Acoustical Enclosures (Test Cells).  The
requirements for complete acoustical enclosures listed in par. 4.17 shall be
provided.  In lieu of an overhead AFFF system, the following may be provided:
a)  An overhead water deluge system having a density of 0.35 gpm
(0.0221 L/s) per square foot (0.0929 m2)  over the entire floor area; and
b)  A water spray system for the engine having a density of 0.50
gpm (0.0315 L/s) per square foot (0.0929 m2) of engine surface area; and
c)  A water spray system for the floor area beneath the engine
having a density of 0.50 gpm (0.0315 L/s) per square foot (0.0929 m2) of floor
Note 1:
For Air Force projects, the required density for the water
deluge system is 0.25 gpm (0.01579 L/s) per square foot
over the entire floor area, and compliance with item c) is
not required.
Note 2:
The overhead deluge system need not extend into the area
where the water spray systems for the engine and floor are


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