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Bulk Tank Vehicle Parking.  Parking for bulk tank vehicles servicing
fixed tanks shall meet the separation requirements of NFPA 50, for the fixed
bulk tank.
As modified in par. 4.21.2.
Liquid Oxygen Storage for Propellant Applications.  Liquid oxygen
storage used for propellant applications shall comply with the DOD Instruction
5154.4, OSHA Standard 1910.109.
As modified in par. 4.21.2.
Department of Defense Dependent Schools
Construction.  Facilities shall be Type I or II construction in
accordance with the UBC.
Facilities shall comply with educational occupancies
in NFPA 101.
Vehicle Parking, Storage, Maintenance and Repair Facilities.
Facilities utilized for the parking, storage, maintenance, and repair of
general and special purpose motor vehicles shall comply with NFPA 88A, Parking
Structures and/or NFPA 88B, Repair Garages.
Vehicle Parking.  Enclosed buildings used for vehicle parking and
storage of 10 or more vehicles shall be protected by an automatic sprinkler
Overhaul and Repair Shops.  Facilities falling within this category
are those in which major overhaul and repairs are made to various types of
equipment or their component parts.  Disassembly and testing may also be
performed in such facilities, which include aircraft shops, automotive garages
and repair shops, and ship repair shops.  Requirements.  Automotive garages shall conform to NFPA 88B.  Ship
repair facilities shall conform to NFPA 303, Marinas and Boatyards, and NFPA
312.  Major aircraft overhaul and repair shops shall conform to NFPA 409.
Refueler Vehicle Facilities.  Facilities used for the parking,
storage, maintenance, and repair of aircraft refueler vehicles shall:
a)  Be protected by an automatic sprinkler system or a closed-head
foam-water AFFF sprinkler system, and
b)  Utilize Class I Division 2 electrical equipment and wiring as
defined by NFPA 70.
Pesticide Storage and Handling Facilities.
Locate facilities or


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