Quantcast Section 5: Water Supply for Fire Protection

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Section 5:
Water Demands for Sprinklered Facilities
Factors Influencing the Water Demand for Sprinklers.  The water
demand required for sprinkler protection depends upon occupancy, discharge
density, design area, and type of sprinkler system (wet or dry), type of
construction, and other building features.
Water Demand for Sprinklers.  The water demand required for
sprinklers shall be determined from Table 5.1.2.  Refer to Appendix B for
occupancy classifications.
Design Densities.  Design densities indicated in Table 5.1.2 are
minimum densities, and each sprinkler in the design area shall discharge at
least the flow rate required to produce the stipulated density.
Design Area.  Design areas shown in Table 5.1.2 are the
hydraulically most remote areas.
Water Demand for Hose Streams.  Hose streams are needed concurrently
with sprinkler discharge in order to effect final extinguishment or to wet
down adjacent structures.  The hose stream demand for sprinklered occupancies
shall be determined from Table 5.1.2.
Total Water Demand for Sprinklered Occupancies.  The total water
demand for sprinklered occupancies is equal to the sum of the domestic demand
plus the sprinkler system(s) water demand and the hose stream(s) demand.  The
total demand shall be available at the sprinkler system connection to the
underground main, and at the pressure necessary to produce the required
sprinkler density over the required hydraulically most remote area of
sprinkler operation.
Water Demand for Sprinklers (Special Facilities).  Special
requirements apply to some facilities, as indicated in pars. through
Aircraft Hangars.
Water demands for aircraft hangars shall be in
accordance with par. 4.16.
Warehouses (High Piled or High Rack Storage).  Water demands for
warehouses containing high rack storage shall conform to NFPA 231C.  Water
demands for warehouses containing high piled storage shall conform to NFPA
Ordnance Facilities.
Water demands for ordnance facilities shall
conform to par. 4.9.


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