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Rubber Tire Storage.  Water demands for these facilities shall be in
accordance with NFPA 231D, Storage of Rubber Tires.
Aircraft Acoustical Enclosures.
Water demands for these facilities
shall conform to pars. 4.17 and 4.18.
Family Housing.  Water demands for these facilities shall conform to
par. 4.2.  Water demand for family housing shall be the sprinkler water demand
plus 250 gpm for hose streams.
Water Demands for Unsprinklered Facilities.  Water demands for
buildings and facilities that are not fully sprinklered are based on fire
department hose stream requirements.
Hose Stream Demands for Unsprinklered Facilities.  Hose stream
demands and duration requirements for facilities that are not fully
sprinklered are outlined in Appendix D.  The following factors affect the
water demand and duration and shall be considered to determine the specific
demand and duration within a given range in accordance with Appendix D:
Occupancy classification,
Response time by fire department,
Type of construction,
Number of stories,
Separation distances,
Building floor area, and
Procedure.  The procedure for determining specific demands within a
range is provided in Appendix D.  This procedure shall be followed to
determine the minimum requirements for facilities that are not fully
High Demands.  When the required fire flow demand exceeds 2000 gpm
(126.16 L/s), a cost and benefit analysis shall be conducted to determine if
additional fire protection systems, features, or design changes that provide
more favorable factors, such as type of construction or sprinkler protection,
are more cost effective than providing the required fire flow.  Such changes
may reduce the required fire flow to a point that it can be provided more
Water Stream Demand for Unsprinklered Special Facilities.  Special
requirements may apply to certain facilities.  Such facilities include ship


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