Quantcast Section 6: Fire Extinguishing Systems

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Section 6:
Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Characteristics.  Properly engineered and installed automatic
sprinkler systems are designed to detect the presence of fire, activate both
local and remote (fire department) alarms, and distribute water in sufficient
quantity to either control or extinguish the fire.  Sprinkler specifications
shall include provisions regarding sprinkler contractor qualifications.
Application Requirements.  The following requirements are in
addition to the sprinkler requirements listed in Section 4, and sprinkler
protection required by applicable NFPA codes and standards specifically
referenced herein.  Sprinkler protection shall be provided in the following
a)  Any new building over 15,000 square feet gross floor area
unless permitted by chapter 4, Special Occupancies and Hazards of this
b)  Any facility whose operational impairment would reduce the
operational readiness and responsiveness of strategic or tactical defensive
and offensive capability.
c)  Any facility containing direct war fighting assets including
combat aircraft, naval vessels, and tactical vehicles.
d)  Technical, industrial, and commercial type buildings, including
hangars, shops, and laboratories used for production, repair, experimental
testing, inspection, electronics overhaul facilities, or processes, services,
or equipment involved with mission support.
e)  Facilities containing significant amounts of critical equipment
or equipment which requires a long lead time to replace.  Such equipment or
material includes training devices such as simulators for flight, navigation,
weapons, radar, or gunnery training.
f)  Buildings four stories or more in height, measured from the
lowest grade, regardless of occupancy.
g)  Facilities and contents of high monetary value (e.g., a
combined facility and content replacement value exceeding 2.5 million
Windowless structures in accordance with NFPA 101.
Underground structures.


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