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Commissaries and exchanges over 8,000 square feet (743.49 m2).
k)  New multi-story buildings which are accessible to the
physically disabled.
l)  Clubs including officer, non-commissioned officer, and
enlisted; bowling centers, craft shops, including auto hobby shops,
woodworking shops; and similar facilities.
m)  Facilities of Type III, Type IV, and Type V construction over
two stories in height.
Child development centers.
o)  Renovation of existing buildings of Type III, Type IV and Type
V construction over 8,000 square feet.
Fire Administration Authorization Act of 1992.  In addition to the
requirements above, automatic sprinklers shall be provided in multi-family
housing and federal employee office buildings.  For sprinkler requirements in
multi-family housing, refer to par. 4.2.  For new or renovated Federal
employee office buildings under four stories in height, provide sprinklers in
hazardous areas as defined by NFPA 101.  For new or renovated Federal employee
office buildings four or more stories in height, comply with par. 6.1.2, item
f).  Federal employee office buildings are defined as any building with 25 or
more Federal employees.
Design Requirements.  Sprinkler systems shall use equipment and
devices listed by a NRTL.  Sprinkler systems for light, ordinary, and extra
hazard occupancies shall follow applicable criteria set forth in NFPA 13 and
NFPA 16, Deluge Foam-Water Sprinkler and Foam-Water Spray Systems.  Sprinkler
water requirements are stipulated in chapter 5, Water Supply For Fire
Protection of this handbook.
Hydraulic Calculations.  New sprinkler systems with areas over 1500
square feet shall be designed using hydraulic calculations.  Use of pipe
schedule designs is strongly discouraged for any sprinkler system.  Required
discharge densities and areas of discharge operation are given in Table 5.1.2.
Calculations shall follow the format of NFPA 13.  Pipe friction losses and
equivalent lengths of pipe for fittings and valves shall be in accordance with
NFPA 13.
Additions to existing pipe schedule systems may be designed
using the pipe schedule method.
Sprinkler Coverage.  In buildings protected by automatic sprinklers,
sprinklers shall provide coverage throughout 100 percent of the building.
This includes, but is not limited to, telephone rooms, electrical equipment
rooms, boiler rooms, switchgear rooms, transformer rooms, and other electrical


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