Quantcast Connections to Exterior Fire Reporting Systems

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and mechanical spaces.  Coverage per sprinkler shall be in accordance with
NFPA 13, except that it shall not exceed 225 square feet for light hazard
occupancies or 130 square feet for ordinary hazard.
Exception 1:
Facilities that are designed in accordance with NFPA 13R
and NFPA 13D.
Exception 2:
Sprinklers may be omitted from small rooms which are
exempted for specific occupancies in accordance with NFPA
Connections to Exterior Fire Reporting Systems.  Where sprinklers
are located at facilities with station or base fire reporting systems, the
sprinkler systems shall be electrically connected to the fire reporting system
for transmission of sprinkler water flow alarms.
Strainers.  Where water conditions warrant, or systems involve high
velocity flows, riser strainers shall be installed.
Sprinkler Shop Drawings.  Sprinkler shop drawings shall be prepared
and submitted by a qualified sprinkler contractor.
Water Spray Systems
Requirements.  Design requirements for water spray systems shall
conform to NFPA 15, Water Spray Fixed Systems For Fire Protection.
Foam Systems
Requirements.  The NFPA Fire Protection Handbook and FM Loss
Prevention Data Sheets contain data and information concerning installation
and arrangement of foam systems for various types of Class B (flammable
liquids) hazards.  Foam installations shall be in accordance with NFPA 11,
NFPA 11A, Medium- and High-Expansion Foam Systems, NFPA 16, and NFPA 16A,
Installation of Closed-Head Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems.
Standpipe Systems.  When required, standpipe systems shall be
installed in accordance with NFPA 14, Installation of Standpipe and Hose
Residual pressure requirements specified in NFPA 14 may be
omitted for buildings under 150 feet in height where fire
department apparatus are expected to boost pressure in
standpipe systems.


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