Quantcast Section 7: Fire Alarm Systems

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Section 7:
Fire Alarm Reporting Systems
Applications.  Fire alarm reporting systems are the base-wide
reporting systems which connect the building fire alarm control panel(s) and
street boxes to the base fire department.  Install fire alarm reporting
systems in occupied areas and buildings as a means for automatically and
manually reporting fires to station or base fire departments or to other
central alarm locations as required to implement fire fighting operations and
emergency action.  Required systems are to be telegraphic, telephonic, radio,
or supervised conductor types.  Consider compatibility of extensions of fire
reporting systems with existing equipment.  Do not provide fire reporting
systems at isolated small areas, ammunition and ordnance storage, and similar
restricted areas where personnel reporting systems are not generally expected
to be present.  Do not require reporting systems in family housing areas that
are remote from the main built-up area of the activity or station.
Requirements.  Alarm reporting systems shall conform to NFPA 1221,
Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Public Fire Service Communication
Systems or NFPA 72, and shall provide the following where applicable:
a)  Transmission of coded signals to fire department headquarters
and other central locations;
Permanent record of alarm signal, time, and date;
Automatic supervision of alarm initiating circuits;
d)  Automatic conditioning for transmission of signals under line
fault conditions or signal ground, single open, or both; and
Automatic testing of radio signaling devices.
Fire Alarm Evacuation Systems
Applications.  Fire alarm evacuation systems shall be
provided in the following locations:
Buildings required by NFPA 101.
Buildings with an occupant load of 200 or more.
c)  Multi-story buildings with an occupant load of 20 persons or
more above or below the level of exit discharge.
d)  UOPH, UEPH, and similar sleeping facilities.
Personnel housing
and similar lodging facilities.


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