Quantcast Addressable Interior Fire Alarm Systems

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Battery-powered smoke detectors are not approved.  Smoke Detection and Destratification Fans.  The area of protection
for smoke detection devices permitted by NFPA 72 shall be reduced by 50
percent where destratification fans are used.
This restriction does not apply to thermal or flame
detection devices or to residential occupancies.
Addressable Interior Fire Alarm Systems.  For large systems, the
designer should consider using addressable systems to minimize installation
and maintenance costs.
Note 1:
For Air Force projects, unless automatic suppression systems
are required herein or by other guidance, complete automatic
fire detection systems and portable fire extinguishers
constitute the minimum level of acceptable fire protection for
new construction.  Smoke detectors in return air plenums do not
meet this minimum level.
Note 2:
For Air Force projects, when a system is divided into four or
more zones, a graphic annunciator constructed of engraved
phenolic or metal material shall be installed at a location
determined by the host fire department.
Shop Drawings for Fire Alarm Systems.  Fire alarm drawings shall be
prepared and submitted by a qualified fire alarm contractor.  Shop drawings
are required to be submitted for fire alarm reporting systems, fire alarm
evacuation systems, and automatic fire detection systems.


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