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Electrical maintenance shops
Engine and generator rooms
Refrigeration and air compressor rooms
APPENDIX C (Continued)
Switchgear rooms
Machine rooms
(11)  Printing shops (using inks having flash points above 110 degrees
F [44 degrees C]
Piers and wharves
Vehicle repair garages
Woodworking shops
D.  Special Occupancies.  Special occupancies are facilities or areas
which cannot be assigned a specific classification because of special
protection requirements.  This classification includes, but is not restricted
to, the following occupancies:
Flammable and combustible liquids
Aircraft hangars
Engine test cells
Missile assembly
Ordnance plants
Rubber tile storage
Warehouses (high piled or high rack storage)
Foam rubber or plastic storage
Refer to Section 4 and the appropriate NFPA codes and


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