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APPENDIX D (Continued)
(e)  Building Floor Area.  Fire fighting water demands are
higher for larger unsprinklered buildings.  The weighted values for the
building floor area factor are as follows:
Area (Square Feet)
7500 or less
7501 to 15,000
15,001 to 25,000
25,001 to 40,000
Greater than 40,000
(f)  Fire Fighting Access.  Studies conducted by fire
departments have demonstrated that a responding engine company shall be within
180 feet of a fire to effectively control it.  This distance is based on the
use of a 30-foot stream of water and 150 feet of fire hose.  The fire hose
distance must be measured as the hose would lay over the terrain from the fire
apparatus.  Ideally, this distance should be to any part of the first three
stories of a building, either by use of ground ladders through windows or by
use of windows.  The efficiency of the manual approach is reduced as greater
hose connections are required.  The weighted values for fire fighting access
based on hose layout distances are as follows:
Maximum Hose Lay-out (Feet)
(First three stories)
180 or less
181 to 230
Greater than 230
C.  Step Three - Determine Fire Flow and Duration.  Using the occupancy
classification and summation of weighted values of the six factors, select the
required water demand for fire flow and duration from Table D1.


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