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1 MAR 1989
4. A maximum of 5% contingency.
(b) The following items may not be included in the budget:
1 .  All items identified in enclosure (2) as GOJ furnished/GOJ
installed, and some types of U.S. Government (USC) furnished equipment (e.g.,
automated storage racks, wallpaper, vending machines, radio systems, etc.).
2 . Expenses to transport and install existing reusable
collateral equipment or equipment procured by another sponsor may not be
included in this cost.  Activity resources are normally used to install the
new equipment. Contracting is used for installations requiring special skills.
3 . First destination transportation costs are chargeable to
appropriate expense and investment TAC number and, therefore, should not be
included in the budget.
(2) Obtain design services, per reference (a), when appropriate, to
integrate personnel needs, color and finish selections, signage, graphics,
furniture and equipment selection, etc., during the GOJ facility design. These
services are available at OICC Far East on a reimbursable basis.
(3) Initiate action to obtain funds for collateral equipment from the other
cognizant sponsors per reference (b) when applicable (e.g., communication
equipment, aviation support equipment, ships support equipment, industrial plant
equipment, and some medical and dental equipment as identified by Naval Medical
(4) Submit a buy package as shown on enclosure (3) twelve to fourteen
months prior to the required on-site delivery date.  The submittal
requirements provided in reference (a), Section 5, are amended by deleting
the Procurement Sheet and placing all narrative information onto the Bill of
Material form with a corresponding full size catalog cut.  In developing the
buy list, select from the following priority sequence of sources: Federal
Prison Industries (FPI), Workshop for the Blind or Severely Handicapped,
General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules. Although overseas
activities are exempt from procuring from these mandatory sources, the
procurement agent, CBC Port Hueneme must comply with these regulations. If
current Federal contracts are not used and material must to be procured by
CBC on the open market, procurement packages over $100,000 will be forwarded
to the Navy Regional Contracting Office (NRCO), Long Beach and delivery lead
time will very likely exceed 9 months.  NRC0 Long Beach requires detailed
specifications in order to execute competitive procurement action.
(5) Procure, arrange for delivery, store and install the equipment
in the completed facility.  Coordinate with CBC Port Hueneme or ROICCPAC in
identifying substitution and arranging for delivery. Address quantity
increases, item changer-and cost increases to PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 09A2A2).


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