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1.  PURPOSE:  T h e s e instructions are for Architects-Engineers and
N a v y personnel in the preparation of contract specifications. They.
set forth NAVFACENGCOM policies, procedures, fundamentals, format of
s p e c i f i c a t i o n s , page layout, terminology, and miscellaneous
d i r e c t i v e s .  T h e technical content of each section will be
d i f f e r e n t , but uniformity in the presentation of the technical
requirements is required to save time and effort on the part of the
s p e c i f i c a t i o n writer and the Contractor.  The end product is a
project specification made up of many sections derived from NAVFAC
g u i d e specifications. t o g e t h e r with special sections prepared by the
p r o j e c t specification writer.
2 . 1 A-E firms shall,  u n l e s s otherwise directed by the
Government. conform to the requirements stated herein, in the A-E
Guide, and the NAVFAC Design Manual HIL-HDBK 1006/1, Drawings and
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s .  T h e A-E shall contact the Specifications Section
(Code 172.5) at the beginning of each new project to ensure he/She
h a s the latest guide specifications, manuals, and instructions. T h e
A - E will be fully accountable for the quality, accuracy, and
t e c h n i c a l adequacy of the specifications.  R e f e r to Section 2 of the
A-E Guide for general A-E quality control requirements.
2.1.1 The project specification has two main functions. It
communicates the material and workmanship requirements of the
project in the bidding phase, and provides a mechanism for assuring
t h e quality of workmanship and materials during construction.
Quality Assurance, Source Quality Control, and Field Quality
Control. identified in Section 4 Format and Typing of
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s , s h a l l be clearly defined in each project
s p e c i f i c a t i o n .  The Contractor is required to maintain Quality
C o n t r o l , while the government protects its interest by assuring that
the Contractor's quality control organization is-working
e f f e c t i v e l y .  R e f e r to Section 7 Quality Control for further details
of the Contractor's and Government's roles.
2 . 2 Coordination of Specifications and Drawings: The A-E is
solely responsible for ensuring complete coordination between the
d r a w i n g s and specifications.  Numerous claims made against the
Government result from inconsistencies or ambiguities between
p r o j e c t specifications and drawings.  Basically. the drawings should
i l l u s t r a t e the extent, site. shape. a n d generic types of materials.
and the relationship between materials.  T h e specifications should
d e s c r i b e the quality, performance. i n s t a l l a t i o n requirements, and
the method of construction.  T h e specifier should review the
drawings to assure that information appearing on the drawings has
Y-SPEC 1/89


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