Quantcast Warranty Clauses in an NFGS

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shall be made for permission to include them.  The application must
i n c l u d e the proposed clause and complete justification for the
2.7 Warranty Clauses:
2.7.1 NAVFAC Policy:
NAVFAC P-68. Subpart 46.7. states:
"Except where a warranty provision is included in the standard
c o n t r a c t forms, it is the policy of NAVFACENGCOM not to include
s p e c i a l warranty provisions.  Past experience has established
t h a t Warranties increase contract costs while not significantly
i n c r e a s i n g the ability of the Government to obtain corrective
action or reimbursement for obtaining corrective action by
sources other sources than the contractor."
2.7.2 Standard Commercial Warranties;
NAVFAC P-68, paragraph
4 6 . 7 0 9 . states:
"Contracting officers may include a warranty clause which is
standard or customary in the trade provided it is reasonably
e s t a b l i s h e d that such clause will not increase the contract
p r i c e , a n d that inclusion is in the best interest of the
2.7.3 Warranty Clauses in an NFGS:  NAVFAC policy stated in the
two paragraphs above shall be observed.  Generally, warranty
clauses, o t h e r than those provided in the Contract Clauses. i.e..
one-year warranty by the Contractor or a Manufacturer's standard
commercial warranty such as a five-year warranty on all refrigerant
compressors. s h a l l not be included in a project specification. If
warranty clauses, in addition to the requirements in the Contract
Clauses. a r e considered vital, application shall be made to a Level
I Contracting Officer. for permission to include them.  The
application must include the proposed warranty clause and complete
j u s t i f i c a t i o n for the requirement.
2.8 Experience and Warranty Clause Approval:  Clauses contained
in TS-Series guide specifications issued prior to 1 January 1975,
s h a l l be submitted to a Level 1, Contracting Officer, for approval
p r i o r to use in a project specification. NFGSs and TSs issued after
1 January 1975, which contain experience, warranty and other related
clauses have been reviewed and approved by NAVFAC Code 021.  These
documents may be used without further approval or waiver.
2 . 9 Reviews:  The Government will review the A-E's specification
a t several stages of completion to insure that they are (1)
developed in conformance with NAVFAC criteria (2) within authorized
scope, a n d (3) of an acceptable quality.
should the 35% submitted be required, the government review
t h e overall organization of the specification as well as the
Y-SPEC 1/89


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