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specific guides which the A-E intends to use in developing each
t e c h n i c a l section will be checked.
T h e Prefinal submittal shall be a copy of the final
documents and should be ready for advertisement at this stage.
The A-E shall modify the specifications in accordance With
PWC YOKOSUKA/OICC FAR EAST comments resulting from the reviews for
subsequent submittals or give reasons for noncompliance.  The fact
t h a t the specification has been completely typed in final form will
n o t be accepted as an excuse for not modifying the specifications.
Comments made by reviewers shall in no way limit Or define
t h e A-E's responsibility to provide a proper specification.
To make a smooth transition to the Prefinal submitted
review, the A-E is invited, but not required to make an informal
Submittal of a few (usually not more than 6) completed sections for
r e v i e w before the Prefinal/submitted submittal.  The submittals
should represent samples of the various consultants@ work.  Comments
made at this stage should be applied to the remainder of the
s e c t i o n s as applicable.
Y-SPEC 1/89


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