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2.4 Terminology used in specifications and drawings shall be the
same.. The drawings and specifications should complement each
o t h e r .  They should interlock. but not overlap.
2.5 Cross-Reference to Drawings:  C r o s s - r e f e r e n c e s (references to
p a r t s covered within the specification) should be held to a
minimum.  C r o s s - r e f e r e n c e only to clarify the relationship between
the requirements within the specification and to avoid
i n c o n s i s t e n c i e s .  A v o i d repetition.  Requirements should be stated
once, f u l l y and precisely.  D O not cross-reference or repeat for
emphasis, because when corrections become necessary and are changed
in one place they may be missed in the other.  T h e specification is
intended to complement but not to reiterate the drawings.  For
example. where the drawings show studs are to be two by four inches
spaced 16 inches on centers, the specifications should state whether
they are to be Southern Pine or Douglas Fir.  The drawings allocate
the material; the specification states the quality and the methods
under which it is to be employed.
Avoid phrases such as:
as shown
as indicated
a s detailed
These are redundant because the provision of items shown on the
drawings are already a part of the contract.  A l s o , if one of these
phrases-is used for an item and it is not indicated, shown, or
detailed on the drawings, the Contractor, by law, is not obligated
to provide the item.  If used, such as in the Painting Section, the
p r e f e r r e d phrase is "as indicated."
2.5.1 Do not supplement or repeat in the technical provision any
o f the contract clauses in the contract.  I f cross-referencing is
r e q u i r e d within the specification, never refer to another paragraph
b y its number-- use the section number and title.
...Section 06200, "Finish Carpentry."
. . . P a r a g r a p h  "Inspection."
p r e v i o u s l y prepared contract specifications-or obsolete guides.
T h i s nullifies the advantage of currently furnished guides
containing new criteria and approved phrasing; or other pertinent
4.  TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE:  L i s t each section by exact title in
CSI 16 division order.. Page numbers need not be included for
c o n s t r u c t i o n contracts.
Y-SPEC 1/89


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