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Do n o t say:
"The equipment shall be removed and replaced as
"Remove equipment during the alteration and
r e i n s t a l l it after completion."
Do n o t say:
" T h e existing culverts shall be replaced as
indicated on the drawings."
" R e m o v e existing culverts and reinstall in the
n e w locations."
8 . 4 Provide, Furnish, and Install:  " P r o v i d e " is defined in the
C o n t r a c t Clause entitled "Specifications and Drawings for
C o n s t r u c t i o n (FAR 52.236-21) as "furnish and install." When
material and/or equipment are only to be furnished by the
Contractor, the term "furnish" should be used, and when material
and/or equipment are only to be installed by the Contractor the term
" i n s t a l l " should be used; however, the Contractor may be required to
" p r o v i d e " foundations, fastenings, etc., for the installation. If
t h e word "install" is used alone, the bidder or Contractor has a
right to assume, o n the basis of the definition cited. that the
g o v e r n m e n t will "furnish" the subject material.
8.5 Use articles.
Do n o t say;
" T h e Contractor shall paint ceilings of office."
" P a i n t the ceiling of the office."
8 . 6 To standardize phrasing in project specifications. materials
s h a l l "conform to" a referenced specification. and workmanship shall
be " i n accordance with" a specification.
8.7 Use "Contracting Officer"  i n lieu of "Officer in Charge of
Construction" (OICC) and "Resident Officer in Charge of
C o n s t r u c t i o n " (ROICC).
9. SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION:. Use the U.S. Government-Printing
O f f i c e Style Manual as the guide to capitalization, spelling,
punctuation, a n d syllabification.
9 . 1 Clarity and Punctuation:  Use short,. concise sentences in the
s i m p l e s t style possible.  Punctuation should aid in reading and
prevent misreading.  Well planned word order requires a minimum of
punctuation.  W h e n extensive punctuation is necessary for clarity,
t h e sentence(s) should be rewritten.  Sentences with compound
clauses should be converted into short and concise separate
Y-SPEC 1/89


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