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3.2.8 Job Mock-up:  Establishes standards by which the work Will
be judged.  F u l l - s i z e fabrication of sample construction for
comparison and evaluation of actual work.
3 . 2 . 9 Submittals:  Details and instructions concerning data to be
furnished by the Contractor before, during, and after construction
which pertain to the work of a particular section should be included
under this heading.  Include items such as:
Samples.  E x a m p l e s illustrating finishes, coatings, Or
f i n i s h materials.  List quantity and size of each sample
required.  The use of samples should be limited to items
that cannot be evaluated and approved by some other
method.  Samples are expensive and must be stored until the
p r o j e c t is completed. A l l o w full-size samples to be tagged
a n d installed in the project after approval where feasible.
Shop Drawings.  Specify what information is required on the
shop drawings.  Use only when detailed technical drawings
s p e c i f i c a l l y prepared for the project are necessary.
Manufacturers' Data.  Use in lieu of shop drawings where
S t a n d a r d catalog cuts, manufacturers' specifications, or
other standard published data are sufficient.
C e r t i f i e d Test Reports.  L i s t the certified test reports
required so the Contractor can quickly determine what
reports he must provide.  T e s t reports are for current
t e s t s (up to three years old) of samples of the materials
d e l i v e r e d .  I f current tests are not required, omit the
paragraph.  Determination of reports required may be
facilitated by review of Sections 01400 or 01401 paragraphs
on Certified Test Reports.  Blanket requirements for all
t e s t s required in the referenced publications are to be
Manufacturers' Certificates of Conformance or Compliance.
List the different materials or equipment for which
c e r t i f i c a t e s are required.  A Certificate of Conformance is
based on prior tests of material Similar to that being
d e l i v e r e d .  I f a certified test report is required on a
material, then that material would not be included under
this paragraph.  D o not require certificates to be
notarized.  Determination of reports required may be
facilitated by review of Sections 01400 or 01401 and
paragraphs on Certificates of Conformance or Compliance.
B l a n k e t requirements for all certificates required in the
r e f e r e n c e d publications are to be eliminated.
Operation and Maintenance Data.  N o r m a l l y . the specifying
section should require Operation and maintenance (O&M)
manuals for each system and for each component, as
Y-SPEC 1/89


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