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2.1.2 Cubicle Track, Heavy Duty Type:  Extrude from aluminum
conforming to 6063.T5 of ASTM B 221.  Form track to a box channel
Shape not less than 1 3/8-inch wide by 3/4-inch deep and a
0.050-inch minimum wall thickness with the underside having a slot
to accommodate carrier unit.  F i n i s h , anodized.
2 . 1 . 2 . 1 Carrier Unit:  A two-wheeled nylon roller. bead chain,
and hook.  Select the bead chain and hook from the following
materials:  C o r r o s i o n resistant steel (stainless steel), nickel
plated brass, or aluminum.
2 . 1 . 2 . 2 End Stop and Pull-out:  Fabricate from aluminum with an
anodized finish matching the track finish or from nylon.
2 . 1 . 2 . 3 Hangers and Accessories:  Fabricate from the same
material with same configuration and finish as tracks.
3.1 INSTALLATION:  I n s t a l l cubicle track after painting and
f i n i s h i n g operations are complete.  I n c l u d e all material indicated,
s p e c i f i e d or necessary for a complete finished installation.
C o n t r a c t o r shall be responsible for the required quantities of track
and components and shall carefully check all dimensions in the field
a s well as other conditions affecting the work.
3 . 1 . 1 I n s t a l l a t i o n D e t a i l s :  I n s t a l l heavy duty cubicle tracks on
the ceiling or suspended from hangers as specified.  Locate the
cubicle tracks where indicated on the drawings.  Use fasteners or
hangers as shown and where indicated on the drawings.  However,
fasteners will not be spaced more than 3 feet on centers.  Make a
standard 8- b y 8-foot cubicle track without joints and form a corner
bend on a 12-inch radius to 90 degrees.  Make straight track
s e c t i o n s up to 16 feet without joints.  I n s t a l l 2.2 carrier units
f o r each foot of track.  Install end cap at each end of the track
and pull out at one end to permit insertion and removal of carrier
u n i t s .  S e c u r e l y fasten end stops to prevent their being forced out
b y striking weight of carrier units.
3 . 1 . 2 Acceptance Criteria:  C a r r i e r units shall operate smoothly
a n d easily over the full range of travel.  I n s t a l l track plumb,.
level and true. and securely anchored to the coiling to form a neat.
r i g i d installation.  Remove damaged or defective components and
replace with new components or repair to the original state.


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