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3.  PACNAVFACENGCOM policy is to perform VE Team Studies On
s e l e c t e d projects $2,000,000 or more.  If a VE Team Study is to be
made on a project designed by an A-E. the Scope of Services Will
state the requirement.  On these types of projects, the 35%
submission must contain all the information required for non-VE Team
Study projects (paragraph 1 above), and the following as a minimum:
Division 1 should be as complete as possible, and include
the following as a minimum:
( 1 ) General description of the project.
( 3 ) Special work directives that affect cost and schedules.
Each specification division should specify:
( 1 ) Materials (type. finishes, gages, strengths, weights.
quantities, etc.).
(2) Unusual workmanship requirements.
(3) Unusual inspection/quality control requirements
( n o n d e s t r u c t i v e testing, etc.).
( 4 ) Equipment specifications.
( 5 ) Systems descriptions sufficiently complete that
reasonably accurate cost estimates can be made.
4.  Example :  The following are examples of sections of outline
specifications required for VE Team Study projects.  (See attached
sheets Sections 02200, 03300, 04230, 05120, 07830, and 11414.)
5.  For A-E's that have not prepared construction contract
specifications for the Navy or Marine Corps within the last 5 years,
one complete section typed in final form from the A-E and each
consultant contributing to the project shall be submitted at the 35%
Y-SPEC 1/89


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