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A/E Prepared
Provide roof scuttle unit, complete.
2 . 1 Roof scuttle shall be of size as indicated on the drawings.
s i n g l e - l e a f type. designed for 40 pounds per square foot external
loading and 20 pounds per square foot internal loading pressure.
Frame, c o v e r and cover liner shall be constructed of steel Sheet.
conforming to JIS G 3302, class SGC 35R-727.
2 . 2 Frame shall be of 14-gage steel with la-inch-high curb.
i n t e g r a l counterflashing. 3 1/2-inch-wide mounting flanges with
p r e - d r i l l e d holes, and minimum one-inch-thick rigid fiberboard
i n s u l a t i o n , mounted on exterior surface of curb.  Counterflashing
s h a l l be full welded at the corners for weathertightness.
2 . 3 Cover shall be of 14-gage steel top sheet with one-inch glass
f i b e r insulation enclosed by a 22-gage steel liner.
2 . 4 Scuttle shall be assembled complete with heavy pintle hinges,
c o m p r e s s i o n spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes, positive
snap latch with turn handles and inside padlock hasp. and neoprene
d r a f t seal.  Cover shall be equipped with an automatic hold-open arm
complete with red vinyl grip handle to permit easy one-hand
r e l e a s e .  All hardware shall be cadmium or zinc plated.
2 . 5 Factory finish shall be red oxide primer over galvanized
Y-SPEC 1/89


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