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b.  Government Review and Approval:  Submittals and quality
c o n t r o l functions pertaining to fire protection, safety, and other
i t e m s as selected, will be reserved for government approval. Some
examples are:
(1) Shop drawings and data for fire sprinkler systems and
f i r e protection equipment
( 2 ) Acceptance tests for fire protection equipment.
e l e v a t o r s , a n d boiler installations
( 3 ) Submittals and testing concerning fire alarm and
detecting systems
N O T E : Approval of mix designs will be the responsibility of the
Contractor's CQC Representative, the A/E or the ROICC, depending
u p o n the size, complexity, structural importance, and criticality of
c .  ROICC Review and Approval:  Consult with ROICC's on their
t e c h n i c a l and staffing Capabilities.  Submittals and other quality
control functions within the ROICC's capability should be approved
by him.  Some examples are:
( 1 ) Division 1 submittals schedule of prices, schedule
o f work, etc.
Temporary utility connections
Steel doors and frames
(4) Metal studding and gypsum wallboard
( 5 ) Thermal insulation
Concrete and asphaltic concrete mix designs, as
a p p r o p r i a t e (see "b" above)
( 7 ) Conventional painting materials and application methods
( 8 ) Operational tests for hoists and cranes. and other
o p e r a t i o n a l testing within ROICC capability
( 9 ) Keying system for finish hardware
F o r construction contacts administered under CQC, items (3). (4).
( 5 ) and (7) above, should be approved by the Contractor's CQC
Contractor Approval (CQC Projects):  F o r the majority of
t h e submittals required in the technical sections, Divisions 2
t h r o u g h 16 of the specifications, the Contractor should be
Y-SPEC 1/89


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