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13 Sep 93
5.  Funding Documents.  T h e OICC primarily accepts four types
of funding documents, the NAVCOMPT 2276, DD From 1149 and 448,
and the OA.
a .  NAVCOMPT 2276 - Used by Navy and Marine Corps
I t authorized the OICC to direct cite the funds of
t h e customer.
I f the customer must pay SIOH, then it is provided
on a separate document (NAVCOMPT 2275) issued to
the OICC Far East office.
Units authorized
DD Form 1149 - Used by afloat units.
t o use the 1149 for procurement will cite an "R" vice an "N"
a s the first character of the UIC.
c .  DD Form 448 (MIPR) - Used by customers outside Navy
S i n c e they are non-Navy, SIOH will be
and Marine Corps.
A major change from previous policy now allows the
a w a r d i n g OICC to accept the document as a direct cite just as
if it was a NAVCOMPT 2276.  E n c l o s u r e (1) provides a sample of
the MIPR and a MIPR acceptance (DD Form 448-2).  A n o t h e r
c h a n g e is that,  f o r most of our customers, the amounts will be
S e e the chart at paragraph 3c.
a t the budget rate.
d.  NAVFAC Form 7300/12 (OA) - T h e p r o c e d u r e l i s t e d i n
e n c l o s u r e (2) describe the actions that the Program Managers
(PM) must take when certain types of funds are being
OAs will be used for MILCON, Housing, or
Since MILCON and Housing funds come
Non-appropriated  funds.
f r o m PACDIV, the PM will request the funds accordingly.
However,  f o r Non-appropriated funds, the document will be
T h e funding
r e c e i v e d from customer at the contracting office.
document must then be forwarded to the PM who initiate the
p r o c e s s described in enclosure (2).
O I C C Far East staff members and field office
O I C C s / R O I C C s will cite the applicable Currency Exchange Rates
t o contracts and prospective contracts and shall indicate the
c o n t r a c t amount in yen and the dollar requirement on all
r e q u e s t s for reservation of funds and contract awards.
C o n t r a c t i n g Officers and Program Managers are authorized to
T h e acceptance should clearly state the terms
accept funds.
of the acceptance (budget or current) similar to enclosure
b.  O I C C s administering Current Exchange Rate contracts
shall conduct periodic reviews of the actual cost incurred
t h r o u g h contract payments to assure sufficient funds are
The customers should be
a v a i l a b l e for the remaining payments.
apprised on all excesses available for recapture.


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