Quantcast Procedures (Other than for Reimbursable Work)

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013) and the Director Financial Services Division (Code
O A ' s will be requested and
014) are the Fund Administrators.
approved by the responsible codes (s) prior to the obligation
R e s p o n s i b l e codes (s) for requesting and
of any funds.
a p p r o v i n g OAs by fund type will be as follows (all codes/
designated Program Managers (PMs) refer to PACNAVFACENGCOM
e x c e p t for Reimbursable Work (note 2)):
Approved by
Requested by
Fund Type
Code 50
M i l i t a r y Construction (MILCON)
Code 08
Family Housing, Navy - MILCON
Code 08
Family Housing, Navy - O & M
designated PM 1 Code
Centrally Managed Funds - OM & N
designated PM 1 Code
Other Procurement, Navy (OPN)
Reimbursable Work
Notes -
The designated PM will be determined by the
For example, a PM from the
t y p e / p u r p o s e of the funds.
Environmental Branch (Code 114) would be designated to
a d m i n i s t e r the Defense Environmental Restoration Account.
(2) OICC Far East Code 90 and Code. 50.
Procedures (Other than for Reimbursable Work)
Part A (Update to MCON Program Status Report) of the
O A (see Attachment (2)) will be completed by the responsible
code and the OA forwarded to either Codes 013 or 014 (as
applicable) for approval.
P a r t B (Obligation Authority Granted) of the OA will
be completed/approved by Codes 013/014 (as applicable)
c o n f i r m i n g that funds are available and annotating the line(s)
If funds are not available,
of accounting data and amount(s).
t h e requester of the OA will be informed of this condition
I f a p p l i c a b l e , Transportation Account Codes
( T A C ) will be noted on the OA at this time.
c .  A copy of the approved OA will be forwarded to the
r e q u e s t e r ; whereas,  t h e o r i g i n a l w i l l b e f o r w a r d e d t o t h e
applicable contracting officer (OICC Far East Code 02, field
o f f i c e Code 02, or PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 02) confirming that
f u n d s are available prior to awarding the contract and
obligation of funds.
A completed OA is provided as Attachment (2).
e .  No other documents need to be completed and used in
conjunction with the OA.
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