Quantcast Procedures (Reimbursable Work)

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Procedures (Reimbursable Work)
a .  A p p l i c a b l e funding documents received in support of
contract work to be awarded by OICC Far East will be accepted
by OICC Far East HQ.  OICC Code 50 will be prepare OA, and
forwarded to PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 014.
P a r t A of the OA will be completed by the responsible
This OA will be assigned a number
code for OICC Far East.
l o g g e d in at OICC Far East prior to forwarding to
PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 014 for approval.  T h e log will be
c l o s e l y monitored to ensure that all outstanding OAs are
a c c o u n t e d for and appropriate action(s) are taken.
Part B of the OA will be completed/approved by
PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 014 confirming that funds are available
a n d annotating the line(s) of accounting data and amount(s).
I f f u n d s a r e n o t a v a i l a b l e , t h e requester of the OA will be
I f applicable, TAC
i n f o r m e d of this condition immediately.
w i l l be noted on the OA at this time.
The approved OA will be forwarded to OICC Far East HQ;
t h e r e b y ,  a l l o w i n g the contract to be awarded.
I m m e d i a t e l y after award of the contract, OICC Far East
w i l l forward a signed copy of the award documents to
PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 014 who in turn, will obligate the funds
for this transaction..
f .  No other documents need to be completed and used in
conjunction with the OA.
A completed OA is provided as attachment (3).
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