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e .  Now we have to remember that the construction contractor
w i l l add his costs of overhead and profit for the costs described
in paragraph c. and d. in his bid.  The following gives you an
i d e a of what charges are in the importer's estimates and of the
amount of detail necessary if you cannot use an importer for your
f .  G e n e r a l l y speaking, t h e costs except material cost
concerning the CONUS materials from the United States to the job
s i t e s based on recent investigations are as follows.
(1) Transportation Fee:
( a ) Air Freight from Los Angeles to Narita.
up to 45 kg in weight
(minimum cost - $50.00)
up to 100 from 45 kg
up to 300 from 100 kg
over 300 kg
( T h e r e are 2 ways for cost for air freight, by weight and by cubic
content; 366 cubic inches = 1 kg, and the higher cost will be
I n addition, a minimum $8.00 for yard charge and a minimum $20.00
f o r currency adjustment factor will be charged by air
transportation  companies.
A minimum air freight charge:
B a s e freight charge
Yard handling charge
Currency adjustment factor
( b ) Ocean Freight:
from Oakland to Yokohama
O c e a n freight charge is determined by cubic content, and normally
t r e a t e d by Container bases.
20 feet container; (5.933M X 2.354M X 2.409M - 33.65 CM)
40 feet container; (l2.06M X 2.343M X 2.383M - 67.36 CM)
2 0 feet
40 feet
Base Charge
Currency Adjustment Factor
26 %
26 %
$ 48.00
Fuel Adjustment Factor
$ 48.00
Receiving Charge
(Commodity = g e n e r a t o r s and air conditioning equipment)
E n c l o s u r e (2)


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