Quantcast Chapter 3. Definitions and Abbreviations

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NOTE: Terms which are CAPITALIZED throughout the text of this A/E Guide have
been defined in this Chapter.
1.  ACTIVITY:  A government unit, organization, station, or installation
performing a function or mission.
2.  ARCHITECT-ENGINEER (A/E):  The design or technical consulting firm engaged
for professional architectural and/or engineering services.
3.  BEAP:  Acronym for Base Exterior Architectural Plan.
See the chapter
titled "Criteria".
4.  CONSULTANT:  A sub-contractor (engineer or architect) with which the A/E
sub-contracts to prepare part of the total design package, or anyone outside
the A/E's oragnization who is retained by the A/E to assist him in the
performance of studies, investigations, surveys and other such services,
including design.
5.  CONTRACTING OFFICER:  The Contracting Officer is the Commanding Officer,
Northern Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, or the person
designated to act for him in any phase of the work.  Also designated as OIC
(Officer in Charge) or OICC (Officer in Charge of Construction).
7.  CONTRACT SPECIALIST (CS):  An individual designated by the Contracting
Officer (OICC) to oversee all matters related to the contractual provisions of
the A/E contract with the Government, including scope of services,
negotiations, fee, schedule, contract award and contract modifications.  The
CS is the A/E's point of contact prior to contract award or prior to award of
contract modifications.
8.  DESIGN MANAGER (DM):  An individual designated by the Contracting Officer
(OICC) to oversee all matters of the A/E's design for a project, including
design documentation and execution of the technical requirements for the
project.  The DM is the A/E's point of contact during the design phase of the
A/E contract.  Also referred to as Contracting Officer's Technical
Representative (COTR).
9.  ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST (ECC):  The Estimated Construction Cost is the
government's estimate of the cost amount that construction contractors will
bid for construction of the project.  As such, the ECC is the basis for
establishing the total funding requirement for a project.  The ECC is listed
in the Appendix "A" and is a contractually agreed upon amount between the
government and the A/E.  Accordingly, any changes to the ECC, for any reason,
will require that a contract modification be issued.
10.  NAVFAC:  An acronym/abbreviation for Naval Facilities Engineering Command


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