Quantcast Chapter 4 The A/E Contract

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Contract Types
There are two primary types of Architect-Engineer (A/E) contracts:
Standard A/E Contract (Firm Fixed Price Lump Sum)
Indefinite Quantity A/E Contract
A Standard A/E Contract involves only a single project or one-time service and
is generally used for larger or more complex military construction projects.
Indefinite Quantity A/E Contracts can involve execution of services for a
succession of projects but may be limited to cover only certain geographic
locations.  In Indefinite Quantity A/E contracts, negotiated labor, overhead,
profit and other rates are later used to negotiate contract modifications to
the contract (eg., when adding new projects).  Indefinite Quantity A/E
Contracts are generally used for smaller projects or for projects requiring
A/E expertise in a particular field.  Indefinite Quantity A/E Contracts are
usually for a period of one year, with an option to extend the contract for an
additional year, and cumulative fees are limited to a specified total dollar
amount for each year.  The contract documentation will indicate the
appropriate contract type.
Contract Documentation
The contract for Architect-Engineer (A/E) services is a fixed price negotiated
contract between the A/E and the government executed on Standard Form 252,
"Architect-Engineer Contract".  Standard Form 252 identifies the following
documents as comprising a part of the A/E contract:
Section 01011, General Paragraphs
Contract Clauses
Representations and Certifications
Individuals Authorized To Bind The Firm
Appendix "A" Statement of A/E Services
Items a) through d) above give overall A/E contract requirements.  Item e),
the Appendix "A", identifies project technical requirements, enumerates
specific A/E services required, illustrates the milestone schedule and
distribution schedule for design documentation, and lists criteria and
information applicable to a project.  The Appendix "A", in turn, identifies
this A/E Guide as comprising a part of the contract.
The Appendix "A" serves as the basis for the A/E's fee proposal and the
government estimate of the A/E fee.  Therefore, it is essential that the two
parties agree that the work to be accomplished as described therein is
accurate and complete.
Contract Structure
An A/E Contract for a particular project can consist of the following three
The Basic Contract
Options to the Basic Contract, and


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