Quantcast Chapter 6 General Responsibilities of the A/E

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Familiarity with A/E Contract Provisions
Prior to proceeding with any work, the A/E should review, in detail, Section
01011, "General Paragraphs", the Contract Clauses and the Appendix "A".
Contract provisions deserving special note are included in this chapter.
Construction Cost Limitation
In accordance with Section 01011, "General Paragraphs", Paragraph 1, "Design
Within Funding Limitations", the A/E is required to design a facility within
the ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST (ECC) listed in the Appendix "A".  The design
submitted by the A/E shall provide a complete and usable facility which will
reasonably assure the award of the construction contract within the ECC.
Should this not be the case, the A/E is responsible for redesign of the
project, at no additional cost to the government, in order to obtain a
construction contract award within the ECC.  The A/E shall determine at the
earliest possible stage of design that the construction cost will or will not
exceed the ECC and, if it will, the A/E shall promptly notify the DM in
writing.  For further information and direction see the Chapter titled,
"Preparation of Construction Cost Estimates".
Quality of Work
In accordance with the Contract Clause, "Responsibility of the Architect-
Engineer Contractor", and Section 01011, "General Paragraphs", Paragraph 2,
"Technical Adequacy", the A/E is responsible for the quality, technical
accuracy, and the coordination of all designs, drawings, specifications, and
other services furnished under the contract.  All design work shall be
executed in accordance with the criteria, guide specifications, instructions,
information, guidance or other data referenced or provided in the A/E contract
documentation.  In accordance with the Contract Clause, "Work Oversight in
Architect-Engineer Contracts", NORTHDIV will perform cursory reviews of A/E
design submissions to insure contract requirements are being met, to establish
conformance with the authorized scope and applicable design criteria, and to
establish a reasonable assurance that the work can be constructed within the
ECC.  NORTHDIV will not undertake a detailed technical review of the work.  It
will be the responsibility of the A/E, acting in a professional capacity, to
ensure the accuracy, completeness and correctness of all design documentation,
including the cost estimate, and including the coordination of the various
design disciplines with each other and with the specifications.  The A/E
assumes full responsibility for the technical accuracy and professional
adequacy of all work which he presents with his signature.  The A/E shall
assign competent architects and engineers, experienced in their respective
disciplines, to the various parts of the work to ensure that all elements are
designed correctly and in accordance with the best architectural and
engineering practices.  Government representatives reserve the right to make
periodic visits to the A/E's office to review the progress of the project and
to spot check the work.


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