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government design drawings in digital format using computer-aided
The A/E shall check the A/E contract for the applicable clause.
Under either
clause, the A/E retains responsibility for the original design.
Inquiries During Bidding for Construction
During the construction bidding period, all requests made to the A/E by
prospective bidders for clarification or interpretation of drawings and
specifications shall be referred to the Construction Contracts Division of the
Contracts Department at NORTHDIV.  A telephone number, FAX number and address
will be listed in the Information to Bidders section of the contract
documents.  If a bidder's inquiry cannot be satisfied by NORTHDIV, the matter
will be referred to the A/E by the DM for clarification and preparation of an
Amendment to the bidding documents if necessary.  In such cases, the A/E shall
provide the technical changes required to the drawings and specifications,
and, if applicable, a revised cost estimate, and NORTHDIV will properly format
the Amendment paperwork.
A/E Communications During Construction
When executing negotiated and contracted Post Construction Award Services
(PCAS), the A/E is reminded that his government point of contact during the
construction phase is the ROICC and his designated representatives (see the
chapter titled "A/E Contract Administration").  Direct communication between
the A/E and the Construction Contractor is prohibited unless prior
authorization is granted by the OICC or his representative.  If the
Construction Contractor should contact the A/E without prior authorization by
the OICC or the ROICC, the A/E shall refer the Construction Contractor to the
ROICC or the OICC.  Minutes of all communications with Construction
Contractors shall be submitted to the ROICC, with a copy to the DM, in
accordance with the requirements of the chapter titled "A/E Contract


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