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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards
OSHA Standards are the minimum safety requirements for the design of any
facility, equipment or operation.  The A/E shall incorporate all applicable
safety features and requirements into all contract drawings and specifications
for new construction, alterations and repairs.  On projects where the
government has prepared a Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA), the A/E shall
prepare a Hazards Resolution Report and a Hazards Analyses Report as part of
the Basis of Design for Facilities Protection (see the Appendix "A" and the
chapter titled "Facilities Protection").
Environmental Protection
a)  The National Environmental Policy Act:  The National Environmental
Policy Act of 1969 declared a national policy to promote efforts which will
prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the
health and welfare of man.  Presidential Executive Order 12088, signed on 13
October 1978, established the policy that "the Federal Government in the
design, operation and maintenance of its facilities shall provide leadership
in the nationwide effort to protect and enhance the quality of our air and
water resources."
b)  Environmental Protection Standards:  All environmental protection
standards promulgated by Federal, State, Local and Intergovernmental Agencies
governing air quality, water quality, solid waste, hazardous waste, resource
conservation, noise, stormwater management or any other environmental concerns
are applicable to the design of all projects for the Navy.  "Applicable
environmental protection standards" are the same substantive, procedural, and
other requirements that would apply to the design of facilities for the
private sector.  The A/E shall design the facility to comply with the most
stringent applicable standards.  The government will provide the A/E a copy of
the Environmental Impact Statement or Environmental Assessment applicable to a
project prior to the start of design.
(Note that some projects may require that the government secure environmental
permits for pollution control, construction, operation, real estate
acquisition, land easements, etc.  In such cases, the A/E shall investigate
the need for, report on, develop required data and obtain, complete and submit
permit applications to NORTHDIV.  See the Appendix "A" and the chapter titled
"Site Investigation" for detailed requirements.)
Handicapped Accessibility
When so indicated in the Appendix "A", the A/E shall design the project to
assure accessibility by physically handicapped persons.  Generally, all
facilities except those specifically restricted to able-bodied military
personnel will require provisions for accessibility by the physically
handicapped.  The A/E shall design for accessibility for physically
handicapped persons in accordance with FED-STD-795, "Uniform Federal
Accessibility Standards (UFAS) (Design for Physically Handicapped Persons)".
Buy American Act
The Buy American Act requires that only domestic construction materials be
specified for construction within the United States.  Generally, use of the
NFGS sections will assure that products readily available and manufactured in
the United States are specified for the design.  Where project requirements
indicate the need for the A/E to specifically prepare specification sections
for certain products which are not covered by existing NFGS sections, the A/E
shall apply the specified requirements of the Buy American Act to such designs
and specification sections.  See the chapter titled "Preparation of
Specifications" for more information.


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