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landscaping, exterior signage, exterior lighting, site furniture, screening,
etc.  (See the chapter titled "Architectural Design" for more information.)
AFRs, AFMs, AFPs and ETLs
AFRs, AFMs, AFPs and ETLs are criteria issued by the Air Force which serve
much the same purpose as DMs, MIL-HDBKs, P-Pubs, and DPLs.  These criteria
documents shall, in addition to Navy criteria, be applicable to Air Force
projects where NORTHDIV is acting as the agent for procurement of design and
construction.  The Appendix "A" will indicate whether the project is an Air
Force funded project.  In the case of conflicts between Air Force and other
criteria referenced for a particular project, the A/E shall bring the matter
to the attention of the DM for resolution.
Use of Criteria
Except for "Law of the Land" criteria, all other criteria applicable to a
specific project or projects is indicated in the Appendix "A".  Attachment 9A
to this chapter contains a complete list of NAVFAC DMs and MIL-HDBKs (with
appropriate DPLs inserted by NORTHDIV), P-Pubs, NAVAIR Technical Manuals,
OPNAVINSTs, BEAPs, and Air Force Regulations, Manuals, Publications and ETLs.
MIL-BUL-34, "Engineering and Design Criteria for Navy Facilities" (provided
to the A/E at the Specifications Briefing), contains a complete list of NFGS
sections, standard drawings, standard specifications and definitive drawings.
The A/E shall review Attachment 9A and MIL-BUL-34 and bring to the attention
of the DM any such criteria not listed in the Appendix "A" which he feels may
be applicable to the project.
Procurement of Criteria
Except for NFGS sections, one "hard copy" of all criteria, guidance and
information listed in the Appendix "A" will be provided to the A/E either
prior to negotiations or prior to design (after contract award), i.e., at the
A/E Orientation meeting or, if there is no meeting, by mail.  One hard copy of
NFGS sections will be provided at the Specifications Briefing, or by mail, to
those A/Es who have not subscribed to the Construction Criteria Base (CCB).
(CCB is a fully indexed, mass produced criteria library on compact disk.
Included is design criteria and NFGS sections.  See the chapter titled
"Preparation of Specifications" for more information.)


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