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Radon Mitigation Design Guidance
Apr 90
for New Construction
Feb 90
Physical Security Standards for
DIAM 50-3
Construction of Sensitive
Compartmented Information Facilities
Base Exterior Architectural Plans
NAS Brunswick
NAEC Lakehurst
NWS Earle
NAS Brunswick
NAEC Lakehurst
NWS Earle
NWSC Crane
NTC Great Lakes
SUBASE New London
NETC Newport
NSY Portsmouth
NAVAL BASE Philadelphia
NAS Glenview
NAS Willow Grove
NAS South Weymouth
Air Force Regulations and Manuals
Nov 80
Air Pollution Control Systems for
AFR 19-6*
Boilers and Incinerators (Army
TM 5-815-1 and NAVFAC DM-3.15)
Sun 81
Paints and Protective Coatings
AFM 85-3*
(Army TM 5-618 and NAVFAC MO-110)
Feb 82
Maintenance and Operation of
AFM 85-5
Cathodic Protection Systems
Attachment 9A
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