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this new system has replaced the WANG generated guide specifications
previously available through NORTHDIV.  NORTHDIV will no longer provide NFGS
sections in either WANG formatted hardcopy or on WANG formatted floppy disks
to A/Es.  WANG NFGS sections cannot be used with SPECSINTACT NFGS sections.
NORTHDIV is highly encouraging the use of CCB by our A/Es.  This new
technology should prove beneficial to the A/E as a productivity enhancement
tool.  Information on obtaining subscriptions to the CCB containing the
SPECSINTACT program may be obtained from the following:
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)
1201 L Street, N.W., Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005
TEL (202) 289 - 7800
Obtaining and Using NFGS Sections
Hardcopies of NFGS sections may be printed from the CCB in SPECSINTACT format.
One hard copy of NFGS sections in SPECSINTACT format will be provided at the
Specifications Briefing, or by mail, to those A/Es who have not subscribed to
the CCB.  For purposes of preparing the project specification sections, the
A/E shall use one of the following:
a)  For A/Es who have subscribed to the CCB system:  Use the NFGS
sections from the latest version of CCB available at the time the Design
Development or first submission of specification sections is due.  Indicate
what version of CCB is being used to generate the project specification in the
Table of Contents to the project specification.
b)  For A/Es who have not subscribed to the CCB system:  Use the NFGS
sections provided in hardcopy format by NORTHDIV for the project
specification.  Only one copy of each pertinent specification section will be
provided by NORTHDIV.  Should the A/E desire multiple copies it is his
responsibility to reproduce them from the copy provided.
Do not use NFGS sections from previous projects.  Do not change versions of
CCB for a project after the first submission of specification sections.
Reference Documents
NFGS sections reference many Federal and Military specifications and standards
as well as industry and technical society specifications.  The CCB system
lists all such reference documents used in the NFGS sections.  It is essential
that the A/E become thoroughly familiar with design criteria and publications
which are referenced in the NFGS sections before they are included as
reference documents in the project specification.  The A/E shall carefully
edit NFGS sections to include only those reference documents required for the
Reference documents are not stocked for hardcopy issue by NORTHDIV to A/Es.
The A/E is responsible for procuring these documents as necessary.  The
SPECSINTACT program, specifically NFGS 01090, "References", lists the
addresses and phone numbers of appropriate organizations who can supply copies
of reference documents.
There are many phrases and statements that are placed in specifications which
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