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All equipment, materials and workmanship are warranted for a period of one
year as provided for in the construction contract clause titled "Warranty of
Construction".  Some NFGS sections contain approved warranty provisions in
excess of this one year period (eg., roofing and glazing).  Do not call for a
warranty for materials and equipment in other technical sections of the
project specification unless a warranty is standard with the manufacturer
(eg., refrigerator compressors have a 5 year warranty) and approval is granted
by the Contracting Officer.  Should the A/E desire to add an extended warranty
clause, he must provide full justification in writing to the DM in time to
allow for processing and a decision before the final submission.
Quality Control (Construction)
The Navy has initiated the policy that all construction contracts in excess of
$25,000 utilize a construction contractor "Quality Control" system.  Relative
to A/E preparation of the project specification sections, this system requires
the construction contractor's quality control representative and/or staff to
review and approve all construction submittals required by the contract
documents except for those submittals specifically reserved for government
(NORTHDIV or A/E) approval in the project specification sections.
Accordingly, the A/E's attention is directed to the requirements of NFGS
01300, "Submittals" and NFGS 01400, "Quality Control".  These sections, as
well as each technical specification section, must be carefully edited to
require a proper construction contractor quality control organization as well
as a clear indication of which submittals will require government approval
either by NORTHDIV (as in the case of Fire Protection and Physical Security
submittals) or the A/E.  NFGS 01300, "Submittals", is to include a submittal
register for the project prepared by the A/E to indicate all construction
contractor submittals required for the project as well as the approving
authority for such submittals (i.e., the government or QC representative).
For more information on Quality Control see the chapter titled "Post
Construction Award Services".
Demolition Projects
The Navy treats "Demolition" contracts in a distinct fashion from
"Construction" projects.  Demolition contracts are projects which, except for
minor repair work incidental to the demolition, involve solely the demolition
of existing facilities.  Such contracts are bid by demolition contractors
whose labor rates differ from those of construction contractors.  "Demolition"
of buildings or facilities associated with new construction or alteration are
not considered "demolition" contracts but, rather, are "construction"
If a project is designated by the government to be a "demolition" project, the
A/E will be so advised.  In terms of specification preparation, demolition
contracts involve editing of approximately 13 guide specification sections
which will be provided by NORTHDIV.  It should be noted that these guide
specification sections are not available through the CCB SPECSINTACT program.
Standard Specifications
Standard specifications are facility specifications that contain sections
covering unique construction (camels, magazines and unabated power check
facilities) that are incorporated verbatim by the A/E into the project
specification.  These sections are then supplemented by NFGS sections edited
by the A/E to cover conventional or project-unique features such as concrete
or sitework.
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