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Design Submission Requirements
General Requirements (All Submissions)
a)  The A/E shall edit appropriate NFGS sections for each project.  In
the absence of a suitable NFGS section, the A/E shall provide an appropriate,
typed, non-proprietary technical specification section in SPECSINTACT format.
b)  Editing of NFGS sections shall be done in such a way that all
crossed out material can still be read in both the ORIGINAL MARKED-UP GUIDE
SPECIFICATION SECTIONS and all copies made therefrom yet, the delineation of
the material to be eliminated from or added to the specification sections
shall be clearly discernable on both the originals and copies.  When marking
up the original specification sections, do not cut out and remove or cover up
with inserted material any portion of the NFGS sections.  Do not obliterate
any of the words in the NFGS sections.  It is strongly recommended that all
mark-ups/editing be done so that such mark-ups/editing can be erased if
c)  When submitting original marked-up guide specification sections and
copies thereof, submit only the text and criteria notes of each NFGS section;
do not submit the NFGS section table of contents and signature page.
d)  Typing shall single-spaced on one side only of 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch
bond paper or printed by a word processor or micro-computer using a good
quality white paper.  Carbon copies are not acceptable.  When typing/printing
the individual specification sections, do not type/include the section Table
of Contents and Criteria Notes and Signature Page.  (It is recommended that
whenever possible, word processing or micro-computer equipment be utilized in
order to more easily accommodate changes required as a result of review
comments made by NORTHDIV.)
Design Development Submission  Items to be Submitted:  Submit the following in the format indicated
along with the number of copies indicated in the Appendix "A":
Cover Sheet
(Typed or printed by computer)
Table of Contents
(Typed or printed by computer)
c)  Submit the ORIGINAL marked-up NFGS for each of the following
Division 1 Specification Sections:
Section 01010
General Paragraphs
Section 01011
Additional General Paragraphs
Section 01012
Special Provisions (WHEN APPROPRIATE)
Section 01300
Section 01311
CPM-Network Analysis System (WHEN APPROPRIATE)
Section 01400
Quality Control
Section 01560
Section 01730
Operation and Maintenance Data
d)  Outline Specifications for each technical section
(Typed or printed
by computer)
Instructions for Preparation of Submittal Items
a)  Cover Sheet:  Prepare in accordance with the instructions provided
at the Specifications Briefing.
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