Quantcast Construction Contract Modification (Change Order) Estimates

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3)  Government Estimate Price (the A/E shall calculate prices from
the government estimate so that they may be compared to the contractor's bid
$ Amount of Deviation from Government Estimate
% Amount of Deviation from Government Estimate
b)  Analysis Sheets:  For line item costs with a percentage deviation of
+/-10% or more from the government estimate, Analysis Sheets shall be prepared
1)  Confirm or revise the government estimate quantity takeoff for
each item in question
2)  Confirm or revise the government estimate labor and material
prices for each item in question
3)  For deviations in overhead costs, confirm or revise the
government estimate for overhead costs by a review of the general conditions,
field overhead requirements, etc.
In addition, the Analysis Sheets shall examine items which the contractor
claims may be causing higher than expected prices, including such project
variables as level of competition, special conditions unique to the project
location, time of award, design complexity, etc.
c)  Conclusions and Recommendations:  Based on the Bid Comparison Sheet
and Analysis Sheets, the A/E shall make Conclusions and Recommendations in
regard to the following:
1)  Whether the contractor's price is fair and reasonable and
whether to recommend award or reject bid
Revisions to the government estimate
Areas where the contractor may be in error regarding the scope
of work
Clarifications or simplifications to the contract documents to
reduce cost
Possible bid items
Possible scope reductions
Redesign options
Unforseen or last minute factors affecting bid prices
Other recommendations which could help reduce bid prices
Construction Contract Modification (Change Order) Estimates
Construction contract modification estimates are required when changes must be
negotiated after the construction contract has been awarded.  When such
changes are due to errors or omissions in the contract documents, the A/E
shall prepare a change order estimate at no additional cost to the government.
A/E effort to prepare construction cost estimates as a result of change
orders for unforseen conditions or as a result of changes to the scope of the
project will be negotiated as a modification to the A/E contract.
The format for this type of estimate is the NAVFAC 4330/43 form (see Blank
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