Quantcast Chapter 13. Preparation of Design Analysis

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This chapter covers general requirements regarding preparation of the
design analysis (basis of design and calculations) for all design
disciplines.  The chapters on the various design disciplines contain
specific requirements relative to the amount and type of technical
content to be provided in the design analysis for each design
submission required by the Appendix "A".
General Content of Design Analysis
The design analysis shall include a basis of design and calculations
for each design discipline.  The design analysis shall be a
presentation of facts to demonstrate that the concept of the project
is fully understood and that the subsequent design will be based on
sound engineering.  The design analysis for each design discipline
shall include:
a Basis of Design consisting of:
1)  an introductory description of the project concept
which addresses the salient points of the design,
2)  an orderly and comprehensive documentation of
criteria, rationale, assumptions and reasoning for system selection,
3)  brief statements that all cost effective
systems/features have been incorporated, and
4)  documentation required by the applicable design
discipline chapters contained herein.
b)  the Calculations required by the applicable design
discipline chapters contained herein.
The design analysis shall be prepared on 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch sheets
of paper.  For projects having an ECC greater than $500,000, the
design analysis shall be bound into separate volumes by architectural
or engineering discipline for each submission.  Multiple volumes with
appropriate volume numbers may be used where required for individual
disciplines.  For projects with an ECC of $500,000 or less, the
design analysis shall be bound into a single volume arranged by
design discipline for each submission.  In such a case, the order of
discipline presentation shall be the following:  Civil,
Architectural, Structural, Mechanical (HVAC and Plumbing), Electrical
and Facilities Protection.  The design analysis shall be well
organized with appropriate indexing, labeling, cover sheet and tabs
for quick reference.
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