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Building placement and orientation.
Results of soils investigation (probes/borings).
Topography and grading, including storm water
4)  Exterior circulation (paving and walks) for vehicular
and pedestrian traffic.
Utility points of connection.
Landscaping and fencing.
Requirements of the BEAP and how site design responds
to the BEAP.
Building Design:
Reasoning, logic and discussion regarding:
1)  How proposed design satisfies user and program
requirements and addresses critical criteria and space requirements.
2)  Number of stories and floor plan arrangement,
including configuration, adjacencies and circulation.
Special features and built-in equipment.
4)  Elevations, views, floor to floor and building height,
choice of exterior materials (roof, walls, doors and windows) and
major interior materials and finishes, and exterior colors and
5)  Requirements of the BEAP and how the building design
responds to the BEAP.  Include a presentation of at least 10
photographic slides of the site and important visual aspects of the
area, including adjacent existing structures, significant landmarks,
design themes, etc., which influence the proposed building design.
6)  Choices of major building systems, including
structural, mechanical, electrical and fire protection.
7)  How the design addresses energy conservation,
including passive solar techniques.
c)  Cost effectiveness of the design, including conceptual
comparison pricing of alternate plans, materials, or systems
considered and overall comparison to the government's estimated cost
of construction.
d)  Alternative designs considered by the A/E and reasons for
selection of the proposed design.
Design Development Presentation
The A/E shall present the Design Development Submission to NORTHDIV,
the user, ACTIVITY, and other government personnel.  The purpose of
the presentation is to provide government personnel with a
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