Quantcast Lead Paint or Contamination Samples/Analysis, Removal and Disposal Report

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If the materials prove to contain asbestos, the A/E shall include
provisions for incidental contact with or removal of asbestos in the
construction bid package as follows:
a)  The project drawings shall clearly show location, extent and
form of asbestos materials to be removed or in contact with other
removals or new work.
b)  The project specification shall include section NFGS-02080,
"Removal and Disposal of Asbestos Materials", edited as required for
the project.
c)  The A/E prepared construction cost estimate shall include
sufficient costs for asbestos material removal and disposal in
accordance with all safety and environmental regulations.  Detailed
breakdown of asbestos-related costs, by type, shall be included in
the backup cost estimate and a separate line item shall be included
in the cost estimate summary sheets.
d)  The construction contract documents and the removal of
asbestos shall conform to the requirements of the federal, state, and
local governments; the A/E is responsible for the determination of
all such requirements for the respective project site.  In addition,
state and local regulations/statutes must be researched to determine
1)  An "independent" monitoring firm must be retained by
the Navy during construction.
2)  Aggressive air sampling is required for clearance or
final air sampling.
Analysis using electron microscopy is required and
Licensing, notification or permitting requirements
Removal and disposal methods are limited by
This information shall be included in the sampling and analysis
report (see below) and used to properly edit NFGS-02080.
The A/E shall prepare a report which details and summarizes the
results of the asbestos investigation and sampling program.  The
report shall list the areas, types and extent of asbestos
contamination, summarize the requirements of applicable federal,
state and local regulations and describe the procedures to be
incorporated in the construction contract documents for removal and
disposal of asbestos materials.
15.8  Lead Paint or Contamination Samples/Analysis, Removal and
Disposal Report
All projects involving the cleaning or removal of existing painted
surfaces prior to new painting shall be suspected of involving lead
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