Quantcast Local Code, Permit and Inspection Requirements Investigation

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application and obtain permit.
Permit fees required.
g)  Statement that the project is covered by variances or that
the permit is not required.  If a variance is required, describe the
procedures on how it will be obtained.  If a permit is not required,
furnish reasons and supporting justification (cite state and local
h)  For each permit required, the A/E shall evaluate all
applicable regulations to determine if monitoring devices are needed.
Where required, monitoring devices shall be included in the project
In addition, the A/E shall prepare a Consolidated Compliance
Assessment Report to verify that all critical permits and other areas
of required compliance are being addressed in the design.  The report
shall be a comprehensive record of all compliance-type issues
associated with the design and construction of the project.  The
report shall:
a)  List all required permits, including the construction permit
and operating permit as applicable.
b)  Summarize design requirements imposed by the Environmental
Impact Statement (EIS) or Assessment (EA) and permit requirements and
indicate whether the design is responsive to the EIS/EA.  Include
statements explaining expected environmental pollution and the
proposed methods for control.
Identify required easements or real estate takings required.
Prior to negotiations, NORTHDIV will provide the A/E a copy of
NORTHNAVFACENGCOMINST 5090.5A, "Procedures and Responsibilities for
Identifying and Obtaining Environmental Permits Required for
Construction and/or Operation of New Facilities", to assist in the
efforts to prepare the Permit Requirements Report and Consolidated
Compliance Assessment Report.
15.10  Local Code, Permit and Inspection Requirements
Investigation and Report
Certain projects may call for construction on land leased by the
government.  In such cases, the leasing agreement may require that
design and construction conform to local laws, codes and regulations.
In addition, such agreements may also require building permits and
inspections by local jurisdictions during construction.
The A/E shall investigate the impact of the current leasing agreement
on the design and construction of the project and report on the same.
A copy of the leasing agreement and the name of the lessor will be
provided by the government.  The report shall address all laws,
codes, regulations, permit requirements and inspections which apply,
comparing such criteria to government criteria.  The more stringent
of the design criteria applies when government criteria conflicts
with local laws, codes and regulations.
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