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c)  Outline of vehicle parking and access thereto.  Indicate
number of vehicles accommodated, including handicapped requirements.
Show traffic flow pattern.
d)  General topography (existing landscaping, slope of land,
drainage and new grading).
e)  General areas for landscaping.
Indicate type and sizes of
trees to be removed.
Pertinent dimensions.
Submit the following Basis of Design:
A discussion in report form of how the A/E's concept satisfies the
user requirements, meets criteria and is cost effective.  Include the
a)  General description of the site of the project, its natural
advantages and disadvantages relative to its adequacy for the new
project, natural vegetation, trees, and topography which can be
utilized in the enhancement of the completed facility.
b)  General descriptions of existing water and sanitary sewer
systems and their adequacy for use with the new facility.
(Coordinate with Utility Data Sheets.)
c)  General statements regarding expected environmental
pollution and methods of control.  Include general statements
regarding method for storm water management.
d)  Logic behind building placement and orientation, including
alternatives considered.
e)  The type and volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic
expected and how the design responds to same.
f)  An outline of the new landscaping and general site
development design, including fencing, and how such design is
responsive to the BEAP (see the chapter titled "Criteria" and
"Architectural Design"), where applicable.
g)  An outline of the general soil conditions.  If accomplished,
report on the results of site investigation borings/probes and
indicate a positive or negative response to rock, where applicable.
Design Development Submission  Drawings:  Submit the following drawings developed to
approximately 80% completion:
NOTE:  On small or uncomplicated projects, one or more plans may be
combined onto the same sheet, but never so that the plans will be
crowded or information unintelligible.
Vicinity Map and Project Location Plan:
Show vicinity map
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