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indicate when and by whom the borings were taken.  Rock payment lines
for both bulk and trench rock excavation shall be shown on the
appropriate detail drawings (see Attachment 16A to this chapter for
Other drawings as required.  Specifications:  Provide an outline of each technical
section appropriate to the design.  Identify the grade, class or type
of materials in the outline.
Submit the following:
a)  Basis of Design:  Expand on the discussion provided for the
Schematic Submission to include the following (NOTE:  If there is no
schematic submission, include discussion on all items listed under
the Schematic Submission and those listed below):
1)  Controlling wheel loads and types and classes of roads
under consideration.
2)  For major water supply extensions, provide a detailed
description of existing water supply system, including the type,
capacity, condition, present water use and unsatisfactory elements of
component parts.
3)  Detailed description of new water supply.  Include
statements on domestic flow, residual pressure, and elevation
differentials and designer's estimate of pipe sizes.  (Coordinate
with Utility Data Sheets.)
4)  Statement of sizes, elevations, capacities, etc., as
can be readily determined without long computations or design
consideration for reservoirs, treatment units, pumping plants, well
pumps, and such units.
5)  For major sanitary sewer system extensions, provide a
detailed description of existing sanitary sewer system, including the
type, capacity, condition and present flow.  (Coordinate with Utility
Data Sheets.)
6)  Statement of materials to be used for sewer systems
and sewage treatment plants.
7)  Describe type, height, and clear zones for new
fencing.  Describe height and type of existing fencing on or adjacent
to the site.  Include a description of any special phasing required
to maintain security during removal and installation of fencing.
8)  Explanation of approach to storm water management,
including materials selection.
b)  Calculations (100% complete) as follows (NOTE:
shall reference all design criteria used):
1)  Hydraulic and hydrology calculations for storm
drainage, including impacts on existing systems.
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