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Schematic Submission to include the following (NOTE:  If there is no
schematic submission, include discussion on all applicable items
listed under the Schematic Submission and those listed below):
1)  Discuss design changes made as a result of previous
government review comments, if any.
2)  Type of Construction:  Describe type of construction
chosen with reference to anticipated building life and degree of
3)  Types of Insulation:  Describe types of insulation to
be provided with specific R-values for roofs, walls, and floors.
4)  Construction Materials and Finishes:  Describe
materials for all major items of construction including
interior/exterior finishes and reasons for selection.
5)  Equipment List:  Describe architectural built-in
equipment items (eg. medical, food service, and lab equipment) and
significant collateral equipment items and means for accommodating
same in the design (see the chapter titled "Preparation of Drawings"
for further discussion regarding equipment items).
b)  Calculations as follows (NOTE:  Calculations shall reference
all design criteria used on the first page):
1)  U-Value for roofs, walls and floors (may be provided
as part of the Mechanical Design Analysis calculations).
2)  Vapor Barrier Analysis for roof, walls and floor (may
be provided as part of the Mechanical Design Analysis calculations).
3)  Roof Drainage (may be provided as part of the
Mechanical Design Analysis calculations).
4)  Acoustical calculations for partitions and floors,
including impact isolation classification.
Progress Submission  Drawings:  Submit the following drawings developed to an
appropriate percentage completion for this submission:
Drawings required for the Design Development Submission.
b)  Enlarged Plans for toilets, typical bedrooms, kitchens,
stairs, etc.  For toilet rooms, show plumbing fixtures, toilet
partitions and accessories and provisions for the handicapped.
Indicate handicapped access clearances.  For kitchens, show all
equipment, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures and dimensions.  For
stairs, show all runs, widths, landings, and railings.
Interior Elevations and Sections for:
1)  Toilets with plumbing fixtures, vanities, partitions,
finishes and accessories shown.
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